Join us for an exclusive look inside a Vixens Academy training session, coached by Melbourne Vixens assistant and former Australian Diamond, Susan Meaney!

In this footwork/ballwork drill the players are focused on ball/hand control, keeping their shoulders and eyes focused forward on the passer while driving away from the ball and pulling high balls in with two hands, while the passer has the chance to work on accurate one-handed high release passes.

With your team, add multiple consecutive repetitions in order to add a fatigue element to the drill!



1 ball
5 cones

Coaching points
– Worker to keep their eyes on the thrower at all times.
– First two balls should be controlled with one hand and flicked back to the thrower, rather than ‘caught’ with one hand.
– Thrower must release the backspace balls quickly, so the worker is not waiting to receive the ball on the cone.
– Thrower to pass high balls with one hand and a high release point, as opposed to a chest pass.
– Worker to try to get their feet ‘under’ the ball and elevate off two legs to receive the high ball, snatching it in at the highest possible point.