1 ball
12 cones

Coaching points
– All players should be cycling between their two cones the entire time, even when the ball is yet to reach their third of the court.
– Players on opposite sides of the third should be moving in opposite directions, not in the same direction at the same time.
– On “go” from coach, all players start driving at full intensity, and passer selects one player to throw to. The other player in that third then pushed off for a re-offer on a strong angle further up the court.
– Process then repeats for both the centre third and the other goal third.
– Emphasis is on the timing of the drives and the strength of the re-offer. Make sure the re-offering player has a good angle up the court – avoid sideways/flat drives across court.
– Also focus on the passer selecting the best option out of the two, i.e. don’t throw the ball to a player if they’ve already reached the closest cone, so that the player has to stop and wait. Whoever receives the ball should always do so while they’re on a strong drive.