Teach your younger (or older!) players the basics of quickly recovering their position after defending an opponent, in order to get three feet of distance and introduce hands-over pressure.




Coaching points
– The focus initially should be on your players learning and establishing how far three feet is. As you’ll see in the video, many players are far too generous when it comes to their three feet! If you feel they’re allowing more than three feet, it can help to measure out the distance and mark three feet from the line by placing a cone there, so the players have a reference for how close they can be.
– Next, look at their footwork. Make sure they’re getting right up to the line, to simulate how close they’ll be to their opponent, and then practise pushing back to three feet in one step. Some players may take a few shuffle steps to get their distance, so we want to encourage them to do it in one big step, as it will be much faster and less likely to lead to an obstruction call.
– Ensure the players have their arms up and over where the ball is likely to be.
– Look for them to hold their position for a full three seconds, to simulate pressuring the ball as you want them to in a match. And encourage them to remain up on their toes, so they can be ready to react at all times.
– Once they have the movement dialled in, ask them to increase the speed of their drive towards the line, to further test their footwork.
– As a guide, each player might complete 5-6 repetitions on each leg, have a break, and then complete another set at a slightly higher intensity.