Advance your basic “three feet hands over” training with this progression that features continuous movement and a more dynamic structure to ensure your players are able to practice and perfect their three feet distance.



1 ball per group of 3

Coaching points
– Ensure your players have practised and mastered the basic “THREE FEET RECOVERY” and “THREE FEET HANDS OVER – TRACK THE BALL” drills before progressing to this slightly more advanced drill.
– Firstly, while the focus here is on the hands over component, you still want to see your players passing accurately over hands, and with good technique. Emphasise this as you set up the drill.
– When players are driving to the other end to complete their hands over, look for them to drive right up level with the passer before pushing off to get their distance. If they stop and push off too early, they’ll be too far away to put good pressure over the ball, and it won’t replicate what happens in a game, when they’ll attempt to intercept and then need to recover to three feet from beside their opponent.
– Ask the throwers to hold the ball for close to a full three seconds (you may need to get them to count it out loud), to allow the defenders to practice holding their hands over.