Sprints, sidesteps, defensive slides, high knees, explosive feet and strong passes are all important part of this simple footwork and ball drill, which has four different variations.



4 cones
1 ball

Coaching points
– Depending on ability/fitness, players should complete each variation 3-6 times in a row before switching roles with the passer.
– On the sidestep movements, look for players to remain slightly crouched, with knees bent, and avoid knocking their feet together. The movement should be a big step with the leading foot, followed by a small step with the trailing foot, rather than big steps with both feet.
– On the backwards running movements, encourage players to keep their shoulders and head slightly turned towards the front, maintaining vision of the passer at all times, as well as seeing the cones out of the corner of their eye.
– Ensure the passer releases hard, early shoulder passes out in front of the worker, so that they have to drive hard onto the ball in order to receive it.
– This drill should be tiring after a number of repetitions! Push the players to hustle back to the start after each repetition, rather than walking or stopping.
– Mix things up by moving the “gate” cones to the left-hand side, so the worker completes the movements in the opposite direction.