An advanced attacking-based team drill that incorporates preliminary moves, throw and goes, timing, midcourt resets, goaler movement and quick feeding.



1 ball

Coaching points
– All passes should extend the players and be placed well in front to ensure they’ve driving onto the ball at full pace.
– Players should be aiming to hit the circle on their drives. If they’re landing just off the circle, encourage them to make that their focus the next time around.
– You want to see a baulk/fake pass into the goaler on the first drive onto the circle. Ask them to really ‘sell’ the fake before turning and resetting.
– The goaler should remain active the entire time, and present for that baulked pass, even though they don’t receive it.
– On the reset, ensure the player gets at least a couple of metres off the circle before driving back on.
– The goaler needs to hold their movement and time their lead so they pop to the edge of the circle just as their teammate lands on the circle the second time. If they’re having to stop and wait to receive, they’re probably too early.
– The goaler’s final movement when the ball reaches the circle on the final midcourt drive needs to be a finishing move within shooting range. Encourage a range of finishing moves here: dodges, lead and drop back, rolls, holds (one you add defence) etc.
– To advance the drill, add a defender onto the goaler so that they have to prepare and work for space and position early as the ball travels to the circle. You may also wish to add defence on the midcourt drives to the circle.