Dan Ryan takes you through a challenging ball drill for groups of three, with hard passes on extension, high balls into space and dropped balls to chase up.


3 per group

2 balls

Coaching points
– This drill is a nine-pass combination that should be completed at maximum intensity, with very short periods of rest between repetitions.
– The first, second, third, eighth and ninth passes are all on extension, and should be passed hard out in front of the worker with a strong shoulder pass, forcing them to drive hard and attack the ball.
– On the lobs into the backspace, look for players to elevate strongly, grab the ball at the highest point possible with two hands, and control their landing. Encourage players to run a little further and elevate from as close under the ball as they can – i.e. avoid lunging with a big jump off one leg while still a couple of metres away.
– On the dropped ball, aim to get to it as quickly as possible, before the second bounce!
– For the outside turn, players should complete slowly if required, in order to get it right. It’s much better to get the movement correct and in control, than rush it. Look for players to turn their head quickly and sight the pass as soon as possible as they turn.
– Players should complete a number of repetitions before rotating the passers/worker. 2-3 repetitions may be appropriate for younger players, while 4-6 is a challenging test for more experienced/fitter players.