Use speedy drives, quick hands, fast footwork around a body and snappy passing with this full team drill that’s great for your netball warm-ups.



1 ball

Coaching points
– Set your ‘post’ players out in a large triangle, about 5-8m apart, in front of the rest of the team, who need to form pairs.
– The pairs work one at a time, with one player starting with the ball. That player passes to the ‘post’ player closest to them, and drives to cut around that player, while their partner drives up the middle to receive the second pass.
– The first player then cuts across the middle to receive the third pass and pass straight back, before cutting around that ‘post’ player while their partner has cut around the top ‘post’ player, and drives back up the middle to receive another pass, before passing to their partner as the partner completes a final angled drive back to the start.
– The ball is then passed to the next pair, who starts the sequence again.
– Complete 4-5 repetitions before switching the ‘post’ players, so that all players are rotated through.
– Focus on your players driving hard onto the ball, and cutting as quickly and tightly around the ‘post’ players as they can.
– The ‘post’ players should place the ball hard and out in front of the workers to extend them as much as possible, and force them to drive strongly.