Former Australian Diamond and Melbourne Vixen, Tegan Philip, demonstrates a simple drill and coaching points for goalers entering the circle and beating their defender!



1 ball
Bib (optional)

Coaching points
– For this drill, goalers should try to drive out on a 45-degree angle, and also return to/enter the circle on a 45-degree angle. This gives them options and enough space to drive to the top of the circle, or drive the baseline.
– When re-entering the circle, drive AT the defender before performing a change of direction and cutting to the post.
– Advanced players can drive slightly to one side of the defender, committing the defender in that direction, before pushing off and driving the other side and into the open space.
– Start with passive/stationary defence on the circle edge, before progressing to more active defence, and also adding defence onto the midcourt player.
– Once midcourt defence is added, the goaler may need to adjust where they enter, to avoid driving on top of the midcourter on the circle edge. This is great practice for the goaler having their eyes up and being aware of where their teammates are and where the space is.
– Ensure each player completes a number of successful repetitions on each side of the court before progressing the drill.