1 ball

Coaching points
– The focus in this drill is on the timing of movements and preliminary movements, as well as the execution of quick passes.
– Players need to think ahead and anticipate their teammates’ drives, in order to be ready to receive and keep the drill flowing quickly and smoothly.
– The player receiving the dropped ball should aim to arrive at the ball carrier’s feet a split second after they land, in order to get to the ball on the first bounce and keep up the speed of the drill.
– Ensure all high balls are passed with one hand and with a high release above shoulder height.
– Watch for ball placement on all passes. Passes need to be right out in front, putting the driving player on extension so they can continue at full pace, without having to slow down to wait for a pass that’s placed behind them.
– Aim for each player to complete each station 3-5 times.
– It can also be a good drill to finish a session if you wish to put your players under pressure. Make them complete 50 (or more) consecutive passes without an error, returning to zero if there’s a missed pass.