Use this advanced team transition drill to work on your players creating depth and width in the court as they transition from defence into attack, as well as targeting their preliminary moves and timing.



1 ball
Bibs (optional)

Coaching points
– This drill requires at least seven players – one starting with the ball in the middle of the court, and three in each goal third, spread out across the court. The drill has four main steps:
1) To start the drill, three players at one end must all complete a preliminary move and then drive towards the ball. The player with the ball selects one of them to pass to.
2) Once one of the three players has received the ball, the player who is closest or in the best position to receive the next pass must push off and drive back towards the goal circle to receive the next pass.
3) While these passes are happening, the third player must clear 5-10 metres down the court, getting some good depth and then driving back towards the ball to receive the next pass.
4) Finally, while Steps 2 and 3 are happening the player who received the first pass must clear out on the non-ball side of the court, and then cut into the middle on a strong angle down the court to receive the final pass. Make sure that the final drive comes from a hard push off the outside foot, rather than a long, loopy drive.
– This player then becomes the initial passer for the three players at the other end of the court, who then complete the same set of preliminary moves and drives at their end of the court.
– The drill is continuous, with the ball being worked up and down the court. The player who completes the final drive then joins the group of players at the other end of the court.
– The drill’s main focus is creating depth and width. The player who drives back towards the ball at Step 3 must first create good space to drive back into, by ensuring their initial drive away from the ball has speed and intensity. Similarly, the player who clears and then drives at Step 4 must clear hard and wide so that they’re ready to drive hard and receive when the previous player is ready to pass, and the passer is not left waiting.
– Encourage your players to start their preliminary movements early, or even maintain continuous movement while the ball is at the other end of the court. They can use the full length of the third – there’s nothing wrong with creating some variety by doing a deep preliminary move right back towards the baseline.
– Once the players are completing the drill consistently, with good intensity and are nailing all the main coaching points, you may choose to add a defender with a bib at either end, to challenge the decision-making and also force the attacking players to vary their passing.
– Advance the drill further by adding a second defender at each end.