Lots of cones!

Coaching points
– This drill will only ever be as easy or as hard as the players make it. If they trot between each station and work with little intensity at the stations, they’ll get little out of it. So encourage the players to work each station with maximum intensity, and hustle between the stations in order to get the maximum benefit.
– Focus on completing each station with good technique: try to keep eyes up and looking ahead during fast footwork; keep shoulders and head slightly turned forward when driving backwards; lift inside leg when pushing off on a change of direction; and ensure the first few steps of each sprint are as explosive as possible.
– Players should get a short rest (15-20 seconds) after each circuit, to allow them to recover slightly before starting their next circuit.
– Younger players can complete 2-3 circuits. Older/fitter players can complete 3-4 circuits, have a two-minute rest and then complete a second set of circuits.