This full court team drill targets your players’ timing, throw and go’s, outside pivot and strong transitions from defence into attack!



1 ball
Bibs (if using defence)

Coaching points
– This one’s all about timing – the ‘splitting’ players need to have done their preliminary work and be ready to receive when the passer is ready to deliver them the ball, but not so early that they run out of space towards the sideline.
– Strong ‘throw and go’. As soon as the pass the middle player is delivered, they need to re-offer strongly to receive the next pass.
– The non-receiving ‘split’ player must continue to complete their split in order to create space, and then clear wide before cutting in to receive the ball from the middle player.
– Add defenders against the ‘splitting’ pair to increase the difficulty and ensure players are choosing the best option to pass to, as well as putting an emphasis on pass execution and placement. Start with passive defence and increase the defensive pressure as players become more proficient.