Practice your players running their feet to the ball, running into the backspace while maintaining vision up court, and quickly transitioning into attack after an intercept, with this easy footwork/ball drill!



1 ball per pair

Coaching points
– All of the forward movements should be straight, while all of the backwards movements should be on a slight diagonal, keeping eyes up the court and shoulders slightly turned to the front when running into the backspace.
– After adding the ball, look for good timing on the passes from the throwers, while the workers should maintain vision of the thrower at all times.
– All high balls to be snatched in strongly with two hands.
– After receiving the high ball and landing, transition immediately into a ‘throw and go’, getting as much depth as possible down the court.
– Ensure players work both sides of the court, alternating after each repetition.
– Complete 2-3 reps each side (so 4-6 reps in total), with or without balls.