Get those brains switched on at the start of training with this ball-based team game that requires concentration, talking and teamwork in order to be successful!



1 ball per player + extra ball

Coaching points
– Having formed a circle, one player starts with two balls and begins the drill by throwing one of the balls to a player on the other side of the circle. The player receiving that ball must recognise that the ball is coming, and pass their own ball to another player before catching the first ball.
– The sequence repeats until a ball is dropped, and the drill then resets.
– Encourage players to call each other’s names when passing, so their teammates know a ball is coming.
– While players will often want to pass their own ball as quickly as possible once they see a ball coming towards them, put an emphasis on players being composed and accurate with their pass, so as not to put a teammate under pressure.
– See how many passes the group can get in a row, and try to beat it each time!