Use this pair-based ball sequence to work on players’ strong drives onto the ball, quick feet around a body and their ability to run onto high balls, as well as improving their match fitness.



1 ball between 2 players

Coaching points
– Most passes should be shoulder passes, particularly from the throwers. The lobs must always be one-handed high-release shoulder passes.
– When cutting around the thrower, the worker should turn their body inside. i.e. not just running around them in a semi-circle. They should pivot on their inside leg, bringing their outside shoulder almost across the back of the thrower, before pushing off their other leg once they’ve rotated 180 degrees. With younger players, you may wish to practise this skill first, before beginning the full drill.
– Ensure lobs are placed into the space out in FRONT of the worker, so they can move onto the high ball easily. i.e. if the worker has opened their shoulders to the left, put the pass out to that side of their body, so they can easily track it and pull it in, rather than having to pull in a difficult pass that’s been placed directly over the top of them, or behind them.
– Passers should extend the workers out on the lob, making them sprint to reach it, and the workers should aim to snatch the high ball in with two hands, if possible.
– Work 3-5 repetitions of each progression, before switching roles.
– Encourage younger players to make their passes hard, to improve their passing and the ability of their teammates to catch it.
– For an extra challenge for more advanced players, ask that the players complete each set with no dropped balls and the correct pass. For each dropped ball or incorrect pass, the whole group must complete an extra repetition.