This simple drill is a great introduction for younger players to learn the important basic skill of landing on on their outside foot and completing an outside pivot.



1 ball
2 cones

Coaching points
– Organise your players into two lines behind two cones, with the lines set up at right angles to each other.
– The first player in one line starts with the ball, with the first player in the other line completing the first drive.
– The driving player must drive straight out to receive a pass from the other line, landing on their outside foot (their left foot if they’re receiving the ball from the right, and their right foot if they’re receiving the ball from the left). They must then pass the ball back to their OWN line, so that the first player in the other becomes the worker. 
– As players become more competent at driving out and catching, they should aim to jump, land on their outside foot and begin turning (to the outside) in the one motion, so that they can pass back to their line quickly.
– Passing accuracy and quality is critical to this skill – they must be quick, flat and well placed so that the driving player can catch the ball out in front. Encourage your players to step with their opposite foot and complete a strong shoulder pass.
– Also look for good timing on both the pass and drive. Drive too early or pass too late and the driving player will have to stop and wait, making it difficult to complete their outside pivot.