Noeline Taurua shows you a brilliant drill for promoting strong goaler movement and quick hands in the circle, as well as her key coaching points for using dynamic movements to open up space on a defender.



3 balls
1 bib

Coaching points
– This attacking drill is the next potential extension of Noeline Taurua’s “TRIPLE RAPID FIRE” ball drill – progressing it and applying it to the attacking goal circle.
– The goaler must start at the post for each drive and complete four different movements – a drive from the post towards one of the side feeders to receive a ball, a drive from the post along the baseline to receive a ball from the same feeder, a drive from the post to the top feeder, and a quick drive into the backspace to receive a ball from the feeder on the other side of the circle, finishing with a shot.
– Players must complete the sequence starting on one side, then repeat it immediately starting on the other side.
– Each movement should be made off a strong change of direction, turning the hips in line with where the goaler wants to drive next.
– On the angled drive back to the post, ensure the goaler turns and runs (rather than back-pedalling) but keeps their shoulders slightly turned towards the thrower.
– After adding the defender, the goaler likely won’t be able to complete their drives in perfectly straight lines – they may need to be a little creative and do a couple of movements (you’ll see the goaler perform a couple of nice ‘rolls’ in the video) in order to lose the defender.
– If they’re unable to lose the defender, the thrower should just fake the pass but hold onto the ball, and the goaler should continue with the drill and do their next drive.
– On the final ball, if the goaler realises they are unable to get front position, they should quickly attempt to roll out into the backspace and receive a lobbed ball over the top. This isn’t a ‘hold’ – as soon as they recognise they can’t get in front, they should be off the body straight away and trying to create something out the back.
– Perform each sequence 3-4 times per goaler before rotating positions.