Turn one of Silver Ferns coach Noeline Taurua’s clever goaling movement drills into a defensive-focused exercise with this easy progression!



3 balls
1 bib (optional)

Coaching points
– This drill sets up exactly the same as the later progressions of the “Three-point goaler attack” drill, with three feeders spaced evenly around the goal circle, and a defender marking a goaler.
– This time, however, the defender is the focus, and we’re looking at their footwork, positioning and the line they take to the ball in order to attempt to intercept it.
– On each pass, the defender should attempt to tip/intercept the ball by attacking the line of the ball without contacting the goaler.
– Of course, the defender has the advantage of knowing where the goaler is going to drive next, however they should still defend tightly as the goaler makes their preliminary movements, in order to position themselves in the best possible front position, so they’re able to cut off the pass.
– The defender/goaler should complete the sequence starting on one side of the circle, and then repeat it on the other.
– Encourage the passers to let the ball go even if the goaler may be covered, as it’s good to allow the defenders to practice their intercepts. However if a goaler is very well covered, the passer can choose to hold onto the ball and the goaler should immediately progress onto the next movement/pass.