Building on her “FIGURE-8 LINE DRIVING” drill, in this exercise from Silver Ferns coach Noeline Taurua your players will focus on ensuring they clear WIDE in the court before cutting through the middle to receive a pass.



1 ball

Coaching points
– Before tackling this drill, ensure your players have mastered the basic movements and skills from her “FIGURE-8 LINE DRIVING” drill, as “The Weave” builds on those basics.
– In groups of three, players will work the ball down the court from end to end.
– The player in the middle of the three starts with the ball. One of the outside players immediately clears wide, before cutting towards the middle on a strong angle downcourt to receive the first pass.
– At the same time, the third player clears wide on the other side, and then cuts through the middle to receive the ball from the second player.
– As soon as each player passes the ball, they immediately begin clearing wide on the open/vacant side of the court, ready to drive through the middle when it’s their turn.
– Picture an imaginary line running straight down the middle of the drill/weave. Players should aim to receive the pass on that middle line, i.e. the thrower needs to time their pass so the ball is received in the middle, and not too early.
– Aim for real width in the court. You’ll see some of the players in the demonstration only clearing out a couple of metres before cutting on a very ‘shallow’ angle towards to the middle. They should aim to get quite wide in the court.
– You’ll hear Noeline telling the players to be “steady on their feet”. In this drill the tendency is for players to rush things and step on. The drill doesn’t have to (and shouldn’t) be completed at breakneck speed. There’s nothing wrong with each player landing with the ball and waiting for a second before the next drive comes. Encourage your players to have control, rather than trying to pass off while still on the run.
PROGRESSION – For more advanced teams, add a fourth player into the mix. Now the WIDEST player is the one who’ll do the next drive through the middle. Again, encourage your players to slow it down and get good width in the court, even if it means the player with the ball having to wait a moment to deliver their next pass.