In this simple long court drill from Silver Ferns coach Noeline Taurua, your players will practice the skill of quickly creating width in the court in order to drive through to receive a pass straight down the line, as well as learning to work in tight spaces against defence!



1+ balls
2+ bibs

Coaching points
– Initially, players will work in pairs to progress the ball the full length of the court. The player without the ball must quickly drive wide and downcourt, before cutting back to the middle to receive a pass on “the line” (an imaginary line straight ahead of the player with the ball). The player who has passed the ball then repeats the same, creating width in the court before driving in. This “wide, in, wide, in” movement is like a figure-8, hence the name!
– Look for your players to pass and then start moving straight away, so the ball flows quickly downcourt. The passing player should release the ball early and strongly, so the driving player doesn’t end up catch
– To progress the drill Noeline adds a cutback, in which the moving player drives PAST “the line”, before pushing off and driving back towards the middle again to receive the pass. Again, it’s important that the player begins driving as soon as they’ve released the ball, so the drill can progress without the passer waiting too long.
– Adding the extra cutback movement can cause some players to become quite long in their drives, so after a couple of repetitions up and down the court, bring it back in and ask your players to keep their movements short and sharp. They can still get width if they’re quick, but keep the line drives tight.
– ADDING DEFENCE – Depending on your players’ age/ability, you may wish to progress the drill further to add some defence. If they haven’t mastered the basic movements and skills, then leave the defence out, or add only one defender instead of two.
– If adding defence, the workers must now complete the same “figure-8” movement to receive the ball down court, which may include the cutback if required. As you’ll hear Noeline say, players can move “up and down the figure-8”, meaning that if they’ve completed their drive and the defender has covered them, they are allowed to change direction and drive back along the same path they came.