Improve your players’ balance, finger strength and ability to make difficult catches with both hands, with this simple pair drill that’s perfect for warm-ups and skills sessions.



1 ball per pair

Coaching points
– Separate your players into pairs, with one ball between two. The receiver should stand with their balancing leg beside the closest line, trying to avoid overbalancing throughout the drill and needing to put their other foot down or jump over the line.
– The passer should place passes out to receiver’s balancing side that are challenging to pull in (some passes may be reachable with two hands, while others will require the pass to be caught and pulled in with one hand).
– Ensure players pull the ball in back to the middle before passing back, rather than flicking the ball back while their arms are still away from their body.
– Also ensure the receiver is completely balanced before passing back. If they’re overbalancing, encourage them to attempt to regain their balance before passing, rather than throwing the ball while off-balance.
– Complete around 10 passes before switching legs, and then switch roles.
– ADVANCE THE DRILL by allowing passes to be placed randomly – high, in the middle and low, so that the receiver must balance and control the ball in different ways and positions.
– Again, complete about 10 passes on each leg, per player.