Melbourne Vixens defender Kate Eddy demonstrates one of her favourite end-of-training defensive drills, along with the coaching points to help your players work on their starting position and ability to contest the ball.



4-5 balls

Coaching points
– Once players have attempted the drill, ask them to consider their starting position and body angle, in order to force the attacker into a drive where the defender is able to contest the ball.
– For faster attackers, the defender may need to start a little further off the body in order to give themselves time to react and create a line to the ball. For defenders with good speed, they may choose to start very tight, to stop the attacker getting free at all.
– Remember, recovery is just as important as going for the intercept/tip. If the defender attempts to get the ball and misses, encourage them to recover as quickly as possible so that they can impact the next phase of play.
– Each attacker/defender must attempt two balls from each thrower. Allow the defender to reset before moving onto the next thrower, if they have overcommitted on the previous pass.
– Choose your repetitions based on your focus for the drill – add more repetitions if the aim is skill development, or shorten the progressions if using the drill as a ‘finisher’ or fitness exercise.