Melbourne Vixens defender Kate Eddy shares one of her team’s drills – a fast-paced team drill focusing on timing, pass placement and skill execution – named in honour of teammate Jo Weston!



1 ball

Coaching points
– Set up with at least two players at four different points around the centre third – halfway along each transverse and sideline.
– This fast-paced drill is all about timing and good skill execution – the Vixens use it as part of their warm-ups, and also as a great drill to end a training with.
– Each point has a different movement, with players to rotate to the next point after they have received and passed the ball.
– The four points/movements are: A middle drive, a dodge, a pop to throw and go, and a drive and drop back.
– Players should execute most passes as a shoulder pass, and the first focus should be on completing the passes accurately and proficiently, rather than trying to be as fast as possible.
– The most common fault in this drill is players leading too early. If you find that players are receiving the ball behind them or are having to slow down or even stop to avoid running out of space, that’s a key cue that they are moving too early, and need to hold their leads, or make their preliminary move a little longer.
– On the drive and drop back, players should aim to get quite close to the passer, in order to create enough space to drive back into.