1 soft football or  a netball
1 set of bibs

Coaching points
– Players are aiming to score a goal by handpassing the ball amongst their teammates and running it/ or handpassing it through their goals at one end of the court.
– The goal scoring zones should be indicated by cones set up about 1.5m either side of the goal posts.
– Players can run with the ball but can only handpass it (hold the ball in one hand and hit it with a closed fist) to teammates – i.e. no kicking the ball or throwing the ball.
– Opposition players can lightly tackle the player with the ball, but only to try and strip the ball from them, i.e. don’t tackle to the ground.
– The boundaries are the normal netball sidelines. The last team to touch the ball before it goes out of court surrenders possession to the other team.
– Encourage players to run with the ball before handpassing, as it will open up space and make it more difficult for the opposition to intercept.
– Play for 2-3 minutes before switching ends. Ensure players have already completed some warm-up exercises before beginning the game.