Take the ‘Goalers one in one out’ drill further with this progression that practises goalers recognising different types of defence and counteracting them by working together.



1 ball

Coaching points
– Be sure to watch the ‘GOALERS ONE IN ONE OUT’ drill before beginning this advanced version, so that players are comfortable with the basic movements and skills required.
– Begin the drill in the same way as the basic version, but allow the defenders the choice of whether to drive out of the circle with the goalers, or sit back and defend the space around the goaler remaining in the circle.
– Encourage the defenders to mix it up, so that the goalers are constantly facing different scenarios.
– Remember, the goaler must continue to look to the post as their first option.
– After the players have swung the ball a number of times, call “go” for the midcourt players to drive down to the goal circle. If the goaler in the circle is open, the midcourters can pass them the ball, but if not….
– The moving player must drive hard and definite into the goal circle, and preferably with a change of direction to start their sweep as they reach the circle, forcing the front defender to commit to covering them.
– Practice the stationary goaler holding in front of the back defender, so that the space in front of them opens up when the other defender commits to covering the moving goaler.
– Encourage the moving goaler to make the defenders pay if they don’t move to cover them, by re-feeding closer to the post.
– Make sure you change up the number of swings you allow before calling “go”, so the goalers don’t know what’s coming, and also ask the defenders to change their defensive strategy regularly.