Dan Ryan shows you how to score easy goals from your goal circle throw-ins with this simple setup that gives the attacking team multiple avenues to get the ball to the post.


Coaching points
– The throw-in should generally be taken by the GA, or the shorter/quicker of the two goalers, as having the taller goaler at the goalpost will draw the defenders and create more space for the goaler throwing the ball in.
– The ballside midcourter plays a critical role, as they must ‘seal off’ the goal circle and keep their opponent away from the pocket, to protect that space for the throw-in. If the opponent tries to come off the body and get around, the attacking player must move with them and continue blocking them out to prevent this from occurring.
– The ballside midcourter should always be the first option, and ideally should be a quick double-play with the GA. Ensure the throw-in pass is placed to the space away from the midcourter’s opponent, to prevent a tip and allow for a really quick passing exchange between the attackers.
– If one of the defenders moves to cover the GA’s drive, it’s the GS’s responsibility to maintain a strong hold on the other defender – either holding in front of the defender for a safe pass into the front space, or holding behind to enable a lobbed pass into the backspace.
– The other midcourter should also seal off the goal circle at the top of the ring, to provide a good second option if the ballside option is unavailable.
– The GA’s shot will often be from mid-range to long range, so encourage them to always look to the post for a pass-off to the GS, who must continue to fight for position and present as a strong option for the pass.