Fitness, throw and goes, quick hands, drives into front and back space, and working around a teammate. This simple drill for small groups has a little bit of everything!



1-2 balls

Coaching points
– The throwers should be 12-15m apart, to ensure the worker/workers have enough space to complete their drives and changes of direction.
– The worker should drive forward and then complete a change of direction, pushing off on a 45-degree angle to receive the pass.
– The pass back to the thrower should be a ‘throw and go’, so it’s important that the worker tries to balance after receiving the first pass, and then turns slightly in order to be able to push off and start their drive back AS they pass, rather than AFTER they pass.
– The second drive is back on the same 45-degree angle, returning them to the middle of the court as they receive a second pass, and then complete a long pass to the thrower at the other end. The drill then repeats at the other end.
– Ensure players are completing changes of direction on both legs.
– As players begin to tire, their angled drive may start to become flat/sideways, so encourage them to maintain a strong angle. Their change of direction may also start to resemble a curve, rather than a sharp angle, so ensure they’re still planting their foot, turning their hips and creating an angle.
– Depending on the age/fitness of your players, or what you’re trying to focus on (fitness/skill execution/both), workers could complete 6-12 repetitions before switching roles.
– To increase the difficulty, add a second worker, so that the two workers must open their vision to have an awareness of their partner as they land with the ball on the drive back into the middle of the court. They may also need to pause for a moment with the ball if they recognise that partner has fallen slightly behind, to ensure their timing remains in unison.
– Again, 6-12 repetitions may be enough. You could also choose to work for a time period, i.e. 30-90 seconds.