Improve your players’ downcourt drive out of defence or into attack with a drill that targets their ability to open up space with a strong, hard lead and a re-offer movement.



1 ball

Coaching points
– Ensure the initial clearing move is wide in the court, so the worker creates space good space to drive into. The clearing move should also have some speed and intensity, before a big change of pace on the crosscourt drive.
– Use the ‘imaginary line’ between the two throwers to demonstrate how the worker needs to drive BEYOND that line by at least 2-3 metres before re-offering. For younger players, you may wish to place cones on the court to show them where the line is.
– The initial drive must be STRONG, as this is the drive that will commit the defence and open up the space to re-offer into. In a game, this drive alone may be strong enough to beat a defender and receive the ball.
– Encourage the worker to get their head around quickly when pushing off to re-offer, in order to sight the ball as quickly as possible.
– Look for strong angles on the change of direction, rather than players running in a large loop to receive the ball.
– Each player should complete at least a couple of rotations of 6-10 repetitions on each side. The more repetitions, the more your players will be working under fatigue.
– After adding the passive defender, all of the above coaching points become even more important, as is the placement of the pass from the throwers.
– The worker is to drive behind the defender, rather than front cutting them, in order to create depth in the court.
– To advance the drill further, you can increase the defence to ‘active’. In this scenario, the worker may receive the ball on the first drive OR the re-offer, so the defender cannot anticipate when the ball will be released.