Test and improve your players’ quick reactions, footwork around a body and reactive agility in this drill for small groups, with multiple progressions and additions to really challenge their speed, agility and fitness!


3 per group

2 balls per group

Coaching points
– Surprises should be thrown to positions that challenge the worker. Ask your throwers to avoid throwing passes directly to the worker. If you imagine a line drawn between the two throwers, each surprise should require the worker to deviate off that line to retrieve the ball.
– Complete 8-10 surprises per player or for a set time period (30-45 seconds is a good guide), before switching around. You may want to complete 2-3 rotations of this, in order to challenge your players’ fitness.
– To advance the drill, after every second surprise, the worker must ‘slip step’ around the nearest thrower, before resuming their surprises. The ‘slip step’ should be as close and tight as possible around the thrower, using lots of quick little steps. Again, 8-10 surprises before switching around.
– Progress the drill further by adding more mystery elements. This time, the worker won’t know what they’re going to receive when they drive from end to end – the throwers will decide. Each thrower may choose to:
a) Throw a surprise ball
b) Hold the ball and stand still, which means the worker must perform a ‘slip step’ around them
c) Quickly move away from the worker (within a small radius) so that the worker must react and chase them down to touch the ball.- This drill is all about short, sharp periods of work, aiming for maximum intensity. Challenge your players to make sure they’re attacking the surprise balls with two hands and ripping the ball in strongly, as well as sprinting to get to the ball/’slip step’/chase as quickly as they can.