Improve your goal defence and goal keeper’s ability to work around the body of a goaler, shut down the front space and force turnovers, with this simple defensive drill using a chair.
Ready to take it further? Here’s the advanced progression of the drill.


3 per group

1 ball per group
1 chair per group
Bibs (optional)

Coaching points
– This drill is all about the quick footwork and body positioning required for a defender to get around a holding goaler and prevent an easy pass into the circle.
– Position a chair on one side of the goal circle, more or less halfway between the circle edge and baseline.
– The defender should initially complete a series of movements around the front of the chair, cutting as close as they can to the chair but also taking care not to trip/clip the chair with their feet or body,
– Focus on the defender stepping forward with their outside foot, and then bringing their inside foot forward and across in front of the chair, so that they’re not facing the chair (soon to be the defender) with their chest. In a game situation, this will put them in a better position to maintain vision for the ball, as well as elevating off two feet to attempt to intercept.
– Remember, aim for lots of smaller steps around the chair, rather than big, lunging steps.
– Once each player has a good opportunity to practise around the chair, or completed a set number of repetitions, it’s time to add a ball in.
– Have a passer place balls to the other side of the chair, so that the defender has to complete the same footwork in order to reach the ball and tip it/palm it back to the passer.
– Always use the OUTSIDE ARM to attack the ball, as this is more likely to avoid contacting the goaler in a match situation.
– Again, work through a number of repetitions before switching roles, as well as having the passer mix up their pass placement with some low balls also.
– Once your players have mastered the basics, they can progress to the more advanced version of the drill.