Your players will need their heads on a swivel in this fast-paced ball drill – with multiple progressions – from elite international coach Dan Ryan.



2 balls

Coaching points
– This drill requires three even lines of players, with the lines positioned like a triangle. The front players from two of the lines start with a ball.
– To start the drill, line one passes to their left to line two (the line without a ball), and then performs a quick clearing movement out to the left, returning to the back of their own line.
– Line three then passes to line one, and line two then passes to line three, with the passer clearing out to their left each time.
– You’ll see in the video that the drill starts with just passing, so the players become accustomed to where they’re receiving and passing the ball. Once they’re comfortable with the basics, each player needs to perform a quick, strong drive onto the ball when they receive it, before clearing out with real intensity. The clearing movement is just as important as the drive.
– After a short time, you can reverse the direction of the drill, so players are passing to their right and clearing out to the right.
– Extend the drill further by spreading out the three lines and focusing on a longer, stronger drive onto the ball as each player receives their pass, and then a wider clearing movement to get out of the way.
– For more advanced groups, try changing the direction of the drill during play. Call “change” so that the players must reverse the drill – the player who caught the last ball will need to pass back to the line they received it from. The drill then continues until you call “change” again.