Take the ‘Triangle double play’ drill to the next level with this advanced progression from elite coach Dan Ryan that introduces a pass over hands and a step-around to take on a defender.

NOTE: It is advisable to watch “TRIANGLE DOUBLE PLAY” before attempting the advanced version, as the advanced video does not include some of the initial setup instructions from the basic video.



1 ball
3 cones (optional)

Coaching points
– The setup is the same as the ‘Triangle double play’ drill, with players waiting in three lines – one near the goalpost and two in the corners near the transverse line.
– The driving player (Player 1) who receives the long ball will always start the drill for the next line of players, working clockwise around the court.
– However this time when the first player in the next line (Player 2) pops to the right to receive the first pass, they then pass it back to the next person in their line (Player 3), rather than back to Player 1.
– Player 1 then continues towards the line of players to place hands over Player 3.
– Player 2 then drives in behind the hands over, and Player 3 must make a choice: pass a one-handed, high-release ball over hands to the driving player, or step around and under Player 1’s arms to take on the defender and deliver a quick, flat pass.
– If giving a high-release pass, look for your players to stand up tall and extend their arm up to release, ensuring they can get the ball up and over the defender’s hands. Avoid chest passes over hands, as it’s very difficult to get enough height and avoid the ball being tipped.
– More advanced players may like to add a quick baulk/fake pass before completing their step-around movement.