1 ball
2 sets of bibs

Coaching points
– This is a great centre pass structure to be used if your WA and GA are struggling to get over the line on a centre pass, typically because the defenders are putting on a strong wall/3-out defence.
– WA and GA should approach the line but begin retreating back towards the goal circle as the C approaches the centre circle.
– That’s the cue for the GD/WD to drive down hard to receive a ball deep in the centre third.
– WA/GA (whoever is on the ball side of the court) should then present strongly back towards the ball to receive the second pass, with GS or C to receive the third, depending on space and positioning.
– If GS leaves the circle, GA should hustle into the circle to be a passing option inside.
– Timing and communication is critical – GA and WA need to make their first movements away from the ball at the same time, to provide the visual cue for GD and WD that the first pass will be to one of them.