In this drill from Queensland Firebirds star Caitlyn Nevins, you’ll introduce a double-play to hit the goal circle, as well as the concept of a decoy drive and a fake/baulk pass to open up space at the top of the circle!



1 ball
Bib for defender (optional)

Coaching points
– As players progress with their netball, it’s important it’s important that they learn that sometimes they need to drive and NOT receive the ball, in order to open up a pass to a teammate. It’s also crucial for players to develop a ‘fake’ or ‘baulk’ pass, in order to move the opposition defenders before completing the pass they really want to make. This drill has both!
– To start the drill, set up with a goaler and a defender in the goal circle, a ‘post’ player near the sideline, a little further than halfway down the goal third, and two lines of workers a couple of metres either side of the centre circle.
– The first player in one of the lines starts with the ball. The first player in the opposing line drives down the court a short distance, and then pops back towards the ball to receive a pass from the other worker, who performs a ‘double play’ and drives towards the goal circle to receive the next pass close to the goal circle. This exchange should be quick, and the thrower should start driving the moment the ball leaves their hands. While they’re driving, the second worker, should clear wide in the court, ready for the next phase.
– Upon receiving the ball near the circle, the thrower must look into the goaler and fake a pass to them. The goaler should perform preliminary moves as if they’ll be receiving that pass, even though they won’t.
– The worker then throws to the ‘post’ player near the sideline, and drives HARD past them to the pocket. This is the decoy drive! It opens up the top of the circle for their partner, who reenters the play, having cleared wide earlier, and hits the top of the goal circle hard.
– Before passing to the second player, the ‘post’ player must perform a STRONG fake/baulk pass to the decoy driving player.
– It’s really important that those fake/baulk passes are believable. If they’re not, in a match situation the defenders won’t move and the space won’t open up, so before you start the drill you may like to practice your players ‘selling’ that pass with a really strong fake.
– Once the ball hits the top of the circle, it can be fed into the goal shooter, who may put up a shot before continuing the drill, or you may choose to continue without a shot.
– The player who drove to the pocket then drives hard up the line out of defence to receive a long ball from the goaler, returning the ball to the two waiting lines in the centre third, and the drill starts again.
– For a more advanced version with defence, stay tuned next week!