Learn the key coaching points to teach your midcourters how to use a bounce pass with spin to open up a great angle to feed the ball to their goalers!



1 ball

Coaching points
– The spinning bounce pass is an excellent option if your goaler has a strong side hold and is protecting an area of space to the right or left of the feeder.
– The pass is a ‘touch’ pass and requires considerable finesse, as opposed to a regular bounce pass, which is quite hard and generally travels in a straight line.
– To begin, the feeder needs to hold the ball in the palm of their hand with their fingers spread, while extending their arm out to the side. To create the spin, they must roll their hand up the back of the ball (think Shane Warne to create a bit of top/side spin).
– Be aware this technique can be very challenging for younger players or those with smaller hands, so allow each player to practice and develop at their own pace.
– Once players are comfortable with the spin, they can begin to step to the side as well, to further open up the space created by the goaler’s hold. If they’re feeding the ball with their right hand, they’ll step to the side with their right foot and then release the pass.
– The ball should arc around and land out in front of the goaler, allowing them to continue to protect the space and keep the defender away, until they decide to grab the ball in.
– Remember, while the feeder may be spinning the ball hard, it’s actually a soft pass, placed carefully into the space. Too hard and it’ll roll past the goaler, so aim for a pass that drops nicely into the space in front.
– Don’t forget to coach the goaler also. They need to seal off the space to prevent the defender from getting around them and deflecting the pass. As the defender moves, the goaler must move as well, standing up tall and keeping their foot in front of the defender to prevent them from getting around.
– Players want to practice it at home or individually at training? Easy – put a cone in the circle to act as the goaler, and get the feeder to step to the side and spin the ball out and around the outside of the cone.