In this full team drill from Queensland Firebirds star Caitlyn Nevins, your players will work on their ‘throw and go’, long outlet pass, hitting the circle edge and perfecting their connections and timing.



1 ball

Coaching points
– Start by spreading your players out across all four corners of the court. Younger teams may want to start a couple of metres in from the sideline, so that the long pass doesn’t require quite as much strength/power.
– Start with the long, crosscourt outlet pass from the baseline corner to the opposite corner on the transverse line. The first player in this line should drive onto the ball and receive it a few metres inside the court.
– The next drive comes from the first player in the other baseline corner, straight up the sideline. The transverse line player passes to them while driving downcourt for a ‘throw and go’ onto the goal circle.
– The player who drove up the sideline should then drive towards the transverse line before pushing off and driving across court to receive a pass back.
– The first player in the other transverse line corner must then pop quickly to their right, receive a pass and then ‘throw and go’ down the sideline to receive a lobbed pass back. They then pass to the player waiting in the corner where the drill started, and we
– Each player must move to the back of the line of the next corner in the sequence after completing their drive/pass.
– While the drill flows best when the ball moves quickly, the focus should first be on executing the skills correctly. Make sure passes are accurate and placed out in front, and ensure players are landing with control, opening their shoulders to face their next passing option, and getting their timing right.
– Advance the drill further by adding an additional preliminary move in every corner, before the player receives their pass.