Communication, ability to think and concentrate, explosive changes of direction, sharp hands and quick footwork are at the heart of this great ball drill for groups of four.



2 balls
4 cones

Coaching points
– This drill really tests your players’ ability to concentrate and think when they’re on the drive and under fatigue.
– It’s important to remember that there is ALWAYS a change of direction when players return to the middle of the square, no matter which way/end they’re driving to.
– Initially, the workers’ first two drives are to the two cones closest to them to receive a pass (the workers should drive to opposite corners), returning to the middle between each before pushing off again.
– After receiving the two passes down one end, the workers meet again in the middle and push off to receive two passes at the cones down the OTHER end, again returning to the middle between each.
– Players repeat this sequence continuously, based on a set number of repetitions (8 passes may be appropriate for younger age groups, up to 20 can be a really good test for older players) before rotating with the passers.
– To advance the drill, after players receive their second pass down one end, they must pass back and then push off for a drive straight down the line to receive a pass from the opposite end. They then drive back to the middle and start the sequence again (two passes on the angle, turn and drive down the line for pass number three).
– Communication is key for the final progression. Workers must now complete their two drives down one end, but when they return to the middle the second time they must communicate with each other by calling “BACK” or “THROUGH”. “Back” means they push off and work the same two cones they just received passes at. “Through” means they push off and switch ends. It’s critical that the players make the call loud and early to ensure their work is continuous – don’t wait until they’ve already reached each other in the middle of the square.
– It’s important to ensure players are also completing the basics well: Controlled landings for a quick pass back; turning their hips in line with where they’re driving next when they change direction; accurate passes from workers and passers to ensure the drill flows quickly and smoothly; and finally LOUD talk between the two workers.